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Friday Grab-Bag (4-21-17)


It’s Friday! I am beginning a new weekly series where I give fascinating, funny, and fruitful articles and videos (Occasionally, there will be new songs or new artists I have found!) Enjoy!

10 Things You Should Know about Your Smartphone

Smartphones can be seen in most sets of hands as you walk the streets around you. From Crossway, this blog gives you some different perspectives and ideas on what your smartphone can do for you.

How to Fight for Faith in the Dark

Battling depression myself, I find this article from very compelling for those who fight along side of me. I, personally, found these steps in the article very practical for application in my life.

Does God Tell Us Who to Marry

This article from gives a new perspective on God and the institution of marriage. I encourage those, both single and in a relationship, to take a look at this one.

15 Lessons from Calvin’s Biography

From Kevin DeYoung, these points from Calvin’s biography are very beneficial in growing and maturing in your faith. All these points are DeYoung’s personal thoughts but have backing from the words from the biography.

God Doesn’t Waste Pain.

Having a stake in this blog, Everyday Exiles, I want to promote it! More of a story than an information-based blog, this story talks about how even though we have pain, God will use it to glorify Him.

Church Hunters: Episode 1 (video)

Because it is Friday, I decided to throw in this video to give a good laugh. I won’t ruin the video but John Crist gives a comedic view on how the church choosing process goes today!


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