Book Review: Pure Eyes: A Man’s Guide to Sexual Integrity

“When it comes to sex and sexuality, men often find themselves in a losing battle against temptation. Whether it is overt pornography or simply oversexualized images of women, media can be a man’s worst enemy. This straightforward book helps men understand and embrace the true purpose and role of sex in their lives. Whether single or married, all men must cope with sexual temptation-sometimes on a daily basis. This honest treatment of an uncomfortable issue will free you to experience forgiveness and renewal.”

Pornography, in today’s age, is thought to be a normal, everyday part of life. I saw a fact a couple of days ago that said Pornography is included in 25% of all the internet searches around the world. That is alarming, scary, and disheartening. Something needs to change. If things continue to escalate, shortly the internet searches will rise to 50-60% of the total.

AS I began to fight my addiction, the first book I read to understand what was happening was called “Pure Eyes”. It is written by Craig Gross and Steven Luff. Overall, the book was very engaging and quite helpful in revealing the underlying problems as to why I was struggling with pornography.

The first two chapters of the book were very useful. The first chapter calls for acceptance of the struggle and addiction. The main theme of this chapter was the term “Sobriety”. Just like an alcohol or drug addiction, you can be sober of pornography. Chapter two talks about accountability and how helpful having it would be. (If you do not have any accountability, I would recommend it highly. I have been using the app “Covenant Eyes” and it has dramatically changed the way I use media and my telephone.)

Chapter 3 may have been my favorite chapter in the book because it was about the biological and psychological effects pornography has on the brain. I won’t ruin anything, so I definitely encourage you to read it and find out the detrimental effects pornography creates.

The next chapters of the book (excluding the last one) are very practical steps in how to combat the addiction. With Craig Gross being a pastor, all of these ideas and steps come from the perspective that God will not abandon you in this struggle an you can overcome it with God’s help. The book talks about honoring God with our body, thoughts, and actions around the topic of sexuality.

The last chapter may be the most important of the entire book. Forgiveness is important in this process of healing and recovery. This walk will not be easy. It will be challenging and long. I promise though, from my personal experiences, it will get easier. By the power of God alone can you overcome this temptation and addiction. I encourage all who are struggling with this to begin the healing process. The difference in the quality of a life with and without pornography is substantial.

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